In Aunties We Trust

  • 11" x 17" laser print on matte cardstock.

    Released in 2017.


    Some people measure their wealth in fast cars or fat wallets.  In fancy dinners and fine jewelry.  Where I come from, we measure our wealth in aunties.  This print is dedicated to the auntie alliance - the posse of knowledge-wielding warriors who love us into our best selves.


    This print is a reproduction of a mixed media collage that I made for inclusion in a graphic vignette I wrote titled "Las Aunties."  The vignette is forthcoming in a collection of Deer Woman stories published by Native Realities.

If we allow the pieces of our culture to lie scattered in the dust of history, trampled on by racism and grief, then yes, we are irreparably damaged.  But if we pick up the pieces and use them in new ways that honor their integrity, their colors, textures, stories -- then we do those pieces justice, no matter how sharp they are, no matter how much handling them slices our fingers and makes us bleed.   -- Deborah Miranda

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